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Dr Strange Marvel

Benedict Cumberbatch ist Doctor Strange, ein Superheld aus dem Marvel-​Universum: Der exzentrische Neurochirurg Dr. Stephen Strange kann nach einem. - Erkunde Simone Düngfelders Pinnwand „Dr. Strange“ auf Pinterest. Weitere Ideen zu doctor strange, marvel, benedict cumberbatch. Doktor Stephen Strange ist eine fiktive Figur, die in amerikanischen Comics erscheint, die von Marvel Comics veröffentlicht werden. Die Figur wurde vom Künstler Steve Ditko und dem Schriftsteller Stan Lee kreiert und erschien erstmals in Strange.

Doctor Strange (2016)

- Erkunde Simone Düngfelders Pinnwand „Dr. Strange“ auf Pinterest. Weitere Ideen zu doctor strange, marvel, benedict cumberbatch. Benedict Cumberbatch ist Doctor Strange, ein Superheld aus dem Marvel-​Universum: Der exzentrische Neurochirurg Dr. Stephen Strange kann nach einem. Doctor Strange ist ein US-amerikanischer Superheldenfilm, der im Marvel Cinematic Universe angesiedelt ist. Protagonist ist die titelgebende Figur Dr. Stephen.

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Desillusioniert von den Taten Stranges und der Ältesten, sagt Mordo sich von der Gemeinschaft der Zauberer los. Stephane Letzte Spur Berlin Liebesreigen and Richard Bluff. Steve Ditko Stan Lee. Set in the Mutant Mythbusters Dmax universe. In New York CityStephen Strangea wealthy, acclaimed, and arrogant neurosurgeonseverely injures his hands in a car crash, leaving him unable to operate. Doktor Stephen Strange ist eine fiktive Figur, die in amerikanischen Comics erscheint, die von Marvel Comics veröffentlicht werden. Die Figur wurde vom Künstler Steve Ditko und dem Schriftsteller Stan Lee kreiert und erschien erstmals in Strange. Doctor Strange ist ein US-amerikanischer Superheldenfilm, der im Marvel Cinematic Universe angesiedelt ist. Protagonist ist die titelgebende Figur Dr. Stephen. Doctor Strange oder Dr. Strange steht für: Doctor Strange, Comicfigur von Marvel Comics, siehe Figuren aus dem Marvel-Universum #Doctor Strange · Doctor. Dr. Stephen Vincent Strange alias Doctor Strange, war einst ein brillianter, aber egozentrischer. Doctor Strange Is Officially the Marvel Universe’s WORST Superhero Teacher. Doctor Strange is known across the Marvel Universe for his arrogance, but now it might cost one of his students their life in Strange Academy. Prime Marvel Universe. (Earth) As Master of the Mystic Arts and Sorcerer Supreme, Dr. Stephen Vincent Strange, M.D., is typically considered Earth's foremost expert on magic. But this was not always the case. Earlier in his life, he was a professional surgeon who had been infamous for his arrogance. Doctor Strange is an unconventional hero, to say the least. Rather than relying on brains, bank, or brawn like other, more familiar superheroes from both the DC and Marvel universes, Strange uses. Doctor Strange in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is the second live-action incarnation of the character, following an incarnation portrayed by Peter Hooten. As Stephen Strange was previously mentioned in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Kevin Feige revealed that Strange did not have any powers yet, as Project Insight was designed to anticipate future threats, not just catalog current ones. Doctor Strange's starring role in the Marvel Premiere series segued to the character's second ongoing title, Doctor Strange: Master of the Mystic Arts, also known as Doctor Strange vol. 2, which ran 81 issues (June – February ).
Dr Strange Marvel Seine Arbeit wurde auch von dem Wunsch getrieben, Tod und Zeit zu kontrollieren, was ihn dazu veranlasste, sich zu weigern, auch nur Bios öffnen Windows 7 Patienten zu untersuchen, von dem er annahm, dass er wenig Aussicht Cs Go Revolver Heilung hatte, um seine Erfolgsgeschichte nicht zu ruinieren. Im Dezember wurde bekannt, dass an einer Fortsetzung zu Doctor Strange gearbeitet wird. Strange begann dann, die Naturgesetze der Zeit zu brechen, als er das Geschehene umkehrte und die zerstörten Gebäude rund um die derzeit brennende Stadt Jfritz 7490. Inhaltsverzeichnis 1 Biographie 1. As Master of the Mystic Arts and Sorcerer Supreme, Dr. Stephen Vincent Strange, M.D., is typically considered Earth's foremost expert on magic. But this was not always the case. Earlier in his life, he was a professional surgeon who had been infamous for his arrogance. But then he was involved a car crash that so injured his hands that it stripped him of his fine motor skills, and . 11/4/ · How does Doctor Strange fit into the rest of the Marvel universe?. Dr. Stephen Strange is a former surgeon who wields mystical powers, the dangers of which dwarf the alien threat of the Avengers Author: Eliana Dockterman. Doctor Strange is een fictieve tovenaar en superheld uit de strips van Marvel werd bedacht door Stan Lee en Steve Ditko en verscheen voor het eerst in Strange Tales nr. (juli ). De naam Doctor Strange was twee maanden daarvoor ook al eens gebruikt, maar dan voor een superschurk. Dr. Stephen Strange is de opperste magiër (Engels: Sorcerer . Archived from the original on April 24, Now all that being said, Doctor Strange wouldn't fall in my top 5 MCU films; Captain America, Avengers 2, for example were much better, but it's part of the MCU, and therefore is a must-see for any MCU fan. Kingdome Come Waldenser Strange is a fine introduction, Dr Strange Marvel by the end, you're not sad to be headed for the door. Well, we have a new character in the works for Strange Tales just a 5-page filler named Dr. It usually is inside a display case with three curved legs. Disney XD. Navigation menu Personal tools Not logged in Talk Contributions Create Streams Downloaden Log in. So it made sense for Laurie Holden writer Steve Englehart and Tomb author Marv Wolfman to devise a crossover story. See how Avengers: Infinity War 's opening weekend stacks up at the box office against other movies in the MCU. Archived from the original on September 27, It took a decade for that to happen. Best Costume Design. Another Theresa Scholze Instagram. Archived from the original on January Beste Animationsfilme 2021,

When Miguel returns to a new variation of the timeline where having superpowers is illegal, he witnesses Strange's demon being banished from her body with Moon Knight using a soul sword.

In the Age of X timeline, Doctor Strange poses as a Mutant-hunter for hire, but is in reality a double agent working with Magneto , who teleports mutants to Fortress X for safety.

Set in the Amalgam Comics universe, Dr. Strange was combined with Doctor Fate and Charles Xavier into Dr. As the only character aware of the nature of the Amalgam Universe, he was the chief opponent of Access , who was attempting to separate the DC and Marvel Universes.

Originally numbered as Earth In the mini-series Bullet Points , Dr. Strange chooses to work for S. Later he is seen possessing claws similar to Wolverine's.

Set in Howard the Duck 's home-world and home dimension. This version of Doctor Strange is Ducktor Strange, an anthropomorphic Duck.

In this reality, he is still a Sorcerer the "Mallard of the Mystic Arts" , but is also a drunken derelict, who seems to live in alleys drinking "sorcerous sauce" alcohol.

He has appeared in Howard the Duck magazine 6 July , wherein he sends Howard and Beverly back to Earth; and in She-Hulk , vol.

In She-Hulk vol. Strange from Earth-A comes to Earth aka Earth-B and impersonates the Dr. The impostor is revealed when he can't think of a rhyme for the word "Cyttorak".

Set in the Earth X universe. Strange's body is murdered by Clea this Earth's Sorceress Supreme under the behest of Loki. His astral form aids Captain Marvel in his journey through Death's Realm as one of the few inhabiting heroes aware of his death.

An alternative Dr. Strange helped the Exiles briefly. This character was not a mystic, but instead was still a practicing physician who specialized in superhumans.

This version of Doctor Strange was killed by an alternative version of Deadpool. In this series, Dr. Strange is now the Ancient One and had a daughter with Clea who is the new Dr.

In the alternative future of the Guardians of the Galaxy , Dr. Strange assumed the title of the Ancient One previously held by his mentor and took on a disciple of his own, a Lem named Krugarr.

In the Marvel Zombies universe, Dr. Strange is one of the last heroes in the alternative "zombie world" to be transformed into a zombie.

He was last seen in living form as part of Nick Fury 's resistance to defeat the zombified Marvel superheroes in the spinoff Dead Days before he and the rest of the surviving superheroes are later overwhelmed by the zombie Fantastic Four and turned.

He is part of Kingpin 's undead alliance and can only perform two spells, one of which allows viewers to see into other universes which becomes an essential tool to Kingpin's plans.

Ultron kills Zombie Dr. Set in the MC2 universe. Strange is retired and the title of Sorcerer Supreme has been passed to the younger Doc Magus.

Set in the Mutant X universe. Strange was the Man-Thing. Set in the Larval zooniverse , the funny animal version of Doctor Strange is Croctor Strange, an anthropomorphic crocodile.

Strange assists Thor in the MAX mini series Thor: Vikings , when zombified, evil Vikings massacre Manhattan by pillaging and killing its citizens.

Strange helps Thor locate the descendants of a victim that the Vikings had slain, just after the victim, a village wiseman had placed a curse on the Vikings that caused them to become zombified.

With Strange's instruction, the battle-experienced descendants all fight the Vikings with Thor. Set in the Ultimate Marvel Universe.

First appearing in flashbacks, Dr. Stephen Strange married his former student, Clea, and the two of them had a child, Stephen, Jr.

Strange Sr. As a college student, Stephen Jr. He supports himself as a new-age guru to the rich, powerful and famous, and is seen as a celebrity, appearing on television talk shows.

He is known to the public as "Dr. Strange", although he does not hold a medical degree or doctorate. He has bemoaned his lack of knowledge in things mystical and usually, just barely saves the day with one last desperate, untried spell.

Starting in Ultimate Spider-Man , this Doctor Strange is a member of Daredevil's team fighting against the Kingpin, the Ultimate Knights.

In Ultimatum , Strange is gruesomely killed by Dormammu when Ultimate Hulk rampages through his house. The title of "Sorcerer Supreme" was only self-proclaimed by the elder Strange as reported in the comics during a TV news broadcast.

A Venomized version of Doctor Strange appears in Venomverse , who is responsible for gathering all of the different incarnations of Venom. His Earth was eradicated by the Poisons so he had gathered Venoms from across the multiverse in order to prevent the Poisons from consuming more of them.

He is captured by the Poisons and he realises that instead of bringing more Venoms to fight, he had brought the Poisons more Venoms to consume.

In the climax he sends all of the surviving Venoms to their universes while the bomb built by Rocket Raccoon explodes.

His fate is unknown. Strange also exists in several What If? In , Doctor Strange was ranked 83rd in Wizard ' s " Greatest Comic Book Characters of All Time" list, [] and in was ranked 33rd in IGN 's list of "The Top 50 Avengers".

Scribes J. Michael Straczynski and Samm Barnes, with artist Brandon Peterson, retold Dr. Strange's mystical origin for a new generation of fans in this six-issue limited series.

Clea, Dr. Strange's longtime girlfriend from the Dark Dimension, debuted in Strange Tales From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Superhero appearing in Marvel Comics publications and related media. Not to be confused with Doc Strange , Doctor Stranger , or Dr.

For other uses, see Doctor Strange disambiguation. For the Welsh pop singer, see Steve Strange. See also: Doctor Strange film.

Textless cover of Doctor Strange 2 Jan. Art by Alex Ross. This section needs expansion. You can help by adding to it.

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Archived from the original on November 15, Archived from the original on Retrieved Marvel Chronicle: A Year by Year History. London, United Kingdom: Dorling Kindersley.

Strange first appeared in Strange Tales , it was only clear that he dabbled in black magic and had the ability to project his consciousness into an astral form that could leave his physical body.

Marvel: Five Fabulous Decades of the World's Greatest Comics. New York, New York: Harry N. Inspired by the Mutual Network radio show Chandu the Magician , which [Stan] Lee had enjoyed during his childhood, Dr.

Strange was in fact a more impressive character than Chandu. Alter Ego. Raleigh, North Carolina: TwoMorrows Publishing : 7—8.

Superhero Comics of the Silver Age: The Illustrated History. Dallas, Texas: Taylor Publishing Company. Clap Your Hands, You're on the Winning Team!

Rolling Stone. Archived from the original on October 7, Retrieved September 14, From metacritic.

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Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only: Benedict Cumberbatch Stephen Strange Chiwetel Ejiofor Mordo Rachel McAdams Christine Palmer Benedict Wong Wong Mads Mikkelsen Kaecilius Tilda Swinton The Ancient One Michael Stuhlbarg Nicodemus West Benjamin Bratt Jonathan Pangborn Scott Adkins Please enter a valid email address.

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Maar uiteindelijk ontdekte Strange Jr zijn vaders geheim en begon ook magie te beoefenen. Deze jonge Dr. Strange is lang niet zo ervaren en machtig als de oude Dr.

Vaak weet hij maar net de wereld te redden met een laatste, nog niet eerder gebruikte spreuk. Slechts twee maanden voordat de superheld Doctor Strange zijn intrede deed in de strips bedachten Stan Lee, Robert Bernstein en Don Heck een criminele wetenschapper met dezelfde naam.

In het verhaal "The Stronghold of Dr. Strange", in Tales of Suspense 41 Mei , verscheen deze slechte Dr. Strange als een van de eerste vijanden van Iron Man.

Deze Dr. Strange verkreeg na een ongeluk met een bliksem mentale krachten, waarna hij vanaf een eiland de wereld probeerde te veroveren, maar gestopt werd door Iron Man.

Sinds verscheen dit personage in het Marvel Cinematic Universe en wordt vertolkt door Benedict Cumberbatch. Strange komt onder andere voor in de volgende films:.

Stephen Strange was een briljante, maar arrogante neurochirurg. Strange verloor de fijne motoriek in zijn handen na een auto-ongeluk.

Collega Christine Palmer probeert hem te helpen om verder te leven, maar Strange, die vast blijft geloven dat hij de motoriek wel weer terugkrijgt, lukt dat niet.

Daar aangekomen, wordt hij door Mordo, die tovenaar is onder leiding van de Ancient One, gered van een overval.

The Ancient One laat Stephen haar krachten zien, en onthult het astrale vlak en ander dimensies, zoals de Mirror Dimension.

Stephen, die versteld staat, smeekt haar of ze het hem ook wil leren, en ze besluit hem te helpen, ondanks zijn arrogantie, wat haar herinnert aan Kaecilius.

Strange begint zijn opleiding onder de Ancient One en Mordo, en leert van de oude boeken in de bibliotheek, die nu wordt beschermd door meester Wong.

Strange zal moeten beslissen tussen het herwinnen van het gebruik van zijn handen en het verdedigen van de wereld.

De tijd gaat snel en na een aantal maanden, hij leest zelfs in het geheim van de verboden teksten en leert de tijd te buigen met het mystieke Oog van Agamotto.

Mordo en Wong waarschuwen Strange tegen het gebruik van dergelijke kracht en het overtreden van de natuurwetten, door zijn arrogante verlangen naar macht te vergelijken met dat van Kaecilius.

Kaecilius en zijn volgelingen roepen de machtige Dormammu van de Duistere Dimensie op, waar de tijd niet bestaat en alles voor altijd kan leven.

Dit vernietigt het Sanctum van Londen en stuurt Strange van Kamar-Taj naar het Sanctum van New York. Kaecilius en zijn volgelingen botsen daar met Strange, waar Strange ze afhoudt met de mystieke Mantel van Levitatie totdat Mordo en de Oude aankomen.

Strange en Mordo raken gedesillusioneerd met de Ancient One nadat Kaecilius onthult dat haar lange leven is voortgekomen uit haar eigen gebruik van de macht van Dormammu.

In the same way, it's a totally different world. In [ Guardians ], it's more sci-fi oriented and crazy colors.

More of a comedy kind of take on things as well. This one is a little bit more serious. It's also a little bit more trippy. We use very different techniques, actually.

Guardians was also for us a huge animation film. This one was less of it. This one was more about the environments and effects".

Further discussing the film's visuals, Derrickson described influences as "the Steve Ditko, Stan Lee comics [which] were all about these weird visuals", [] as well as "a fair amount of surrealist art and photography and M.

But I certainly owe something to that movie. ILM worked on the folding Manhattan mirror sequence chosen because of their work creating a digital New York in The Avengers and the time fight sequence in Hong Kong, which consisted of and shots, respectively.

They began work on the film 10 months before filming began to plan out the Manhattan sequence; it was mainly CGI, though some New York location shots were used.

The sequence was mainly handled by ILM's San Francisco and Vancouver offices. The Hong Kong time sequence was done mainly by ILM's London office. ILM also created digital doubles for many of the actors, which were shared with the other vendors.

Method Studios, who worked on the Quantum Realm in Ant-Man , worked on the "magical mystery tour" sequence, with Strange hurtling through various dimensions.

The sequence was handled by Method's Los Angeles studio, with their Vancouver studio contributing the opening shot of the sequence.

The only shot Method did not work on in the sequence was the one that linked to Dormammu, as Luma Pictures assisted in his creation they handled his other appearances in the film.

Method created 7 dimensions for the sequence: the initial wormhole to the "Speaker Cone"; the Bioluminesce world; the fractals of "soft solid" world; a version of the Quantum Realm; Strange falling through his own eye and Cosmic Scream; the Dark Dimension; and the Shape Shifting realm.

The Shape Shifting realm originally had Strange morphing and changing shape, but that was ultimately removed as Derrickson felt the audience needed to see Cumberbatch.

Method's Vancouver studio created Strange's car crash, the rooftop training, and the sequence in which Strange experiments with time on an apple in the Kamar-Taj library.

The car crash blended the high speed photography and some green screen sequences, with digital assets for both Cumberbatch and the car. In total, Method worked on effects shots.

Framestore was chosen to work on the Cloak of Levitation, due to their work creating Rocket in Guardians of the Galaxy. Ceretti called Cloak's actions "kind of scripted but not as deeply" as the end result, and said that during the pre-visualization process "we had a big discussion about the arc of the story of the Cloak in the film".

Alexis Wajsbrot, Framestore's CG Supervisor, called the astral form "one of the hardest effects we've had to deal with at Framestore; finding the right balance of a look that was subtle but also beautiful.

They also created digital tears for Kaecilius when he is in the Crimson Bands of Cyttorak. In addition to Dormammu and the Dark Dimension, Luma Pictures also created the first mirror sequence at the beginning of the film.

The whole idea is he's a character that lives in-between dimensions. He can also take whatever shapes he wants to take.

We really wanted to add the evocation of that fire, but we didn't want to do fire so we went for [a] multicolored approach to try and keep the psychedelic [look] of the entire space.

If you look at the detail of the shapes that we have in the Dark Dimension, you can almost point to things in the comic books [that] we really tried to be faithful to.

In May , Michael Giacchino revealed that he would score the film. It becomes something new with his music in there that it didn't have with temp music.

However, he was able to include the song " Interstellar Overdrive " by Pink Floyd. In August , a concept art trailer narrated by Derrickson was shown at the D23 Expo.

The images showed artwork of Cumberbatch in a traditional Doctor Strange outfit from the comics, as well as a rough sequence of the plot, highlighting points such as Strange's car crash, his journey for healing, and fighting Ejiofor as Mordo before the character was moved away from a villainous role in the film per discussions between Derrickson and the actor.

On April 12, , the first teaser trailer for the film debuted on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Forbes added that the structure of the trailer resembled early marketing for the film Batman Begins.

The challenge was for contestants to submit videos of them finding mentors to explore ideas once thought to only be possible with magic.

On October 10, , approximately 15 minutes of footage was screened at IMAX 3D locations in North America, and select 3D and IMAX 3D locations worldwide.

Fans attending the event received an exclusive IMAX poster for the film. He added that a sequence shown in which the Ancient One sends Strange "on his first trippy tour through the multiverse" was "where the IMAX 3D really shines.

The audience is given an incredible visual tour of the multiverse which features other dimensions and other realities.

It really is something to behold in IMAX 3D," concluding that "after being shown only 15 minutes of incredible preview footage, IMAX 3D is the definitive format to see the film.

Regarding the same sequence where the Ancient One sends Strange through the multiverse, Hayes said, " Seth Rogen 's comedic drug trip sequences have nothing on the psychedelic visuals employed here.

It's astounding, elaborate stuff, and easily provides the most entertaining moments in the footage. Marvel provided Twitter stickers, Giphy content, Facebook Live, Snapchat lenses and filter, Tumblr stunts, and Instagram special content related to the film.

Additionally, Microsoft Surface had a promotional sponsorship of the film, due to the use of the device in the filmmaking process.

A partnership with Google 's Tilt Brush app featured a "Mixed Reality" "stunt with artists across Los Angeles, London and Hong Kong, inspired by different dimensions in Doctor Strange and recreating the worlds in VR for an immersive visual experience.

Doctor Strange held its world premiere in Hong Kong on October 13, , [47] and had its premiere in Hollywood at the TCL Chinese Theatre and El Capitan Theatre on October 20, Doctor Strange was released on digital download by Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment on February 14, , and on Blu-ray , Blu-ray 3D and DVD on February 28, The digital and Blu-ray releases include behind-the-scenes featurettes; audio commentary; deleted scenes; a blooper reel; an exclusive preview of the Phase Three films Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.

Best Buy released an exclusive collector's edition steelbook case for the regular and 3D Blu-ray release, featuring art based on the Book of Cagliostro and the Eye of Agamotto.

Target 's Blu-ray versions have an additional exclusive featurette, while the digital version also features an exclusive featurette. The film was the number one film for the weekend, and became the second largest opening in November for Disney.

IMAX also set November opening records in India, Chile, Colombia and Ecuador. It also became the highest-grossing original MCU release in India, Hong Kong, South Korea, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.

The Hollywood Reporter ' s Todd McCarthy called Doctor Strange "an engaging, smartly cast and sporadically eye-popping addition" to the franchise, adding "this action movie ostensibly rooted in the mind-expanding tenets of Eastern mysticism is different enough to establish a solid niche alongside the blockbuster combine's established money machines.

Underneath all of its improvements, the core narrative is something we've seen countless times. Nobody is having much fun here — save for the doctor's Cloak of Levitation that has its own devilish personality and can whisk him out of scary situations.

For characterization, dialogue, narrative arc, acceptable acting and coherence, go elsewhere. But that's the thing: He's a better party guest than he is a host.

Doctor Strange is a fine introduction, but by the end, you're not sad to be headed for the door. Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is scheduled to be released on March 25, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Theatrical release poster. Jon Spaihts Scott Derrickson C. Robert Cargill. Doctor Strange by Stan Lee Steve Ditko. Benedict Cumberbatch Chiwetel Ejiofor Rachel McAdams Benedict Wong Michael Stuhlbarg Benjamin Bratt Scott Adkins Mads Mikkelsen Tilda Swinton.

Wyatt Smith [1] Sabrina Plisco [2]. Marvel Studios. Release date. Running time. I think when you consider the work that I've done it makes sense that he'd be my favorite comic book character, at least in the Marvel universe.

Probably the only comic character in that mainstream world that I'm suited to. I feel such an affinity for the character and the story and the ambition of those comics, especially the original Stan Lee and Steve Ditko Strange Tales —I think those are my favorite of all of them.

The entire history of the comics is extraordinary. Main article: Doctor Strange soundtrack. Main article: Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

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